By: Mike Finders

I have noticed how easy it is to find MP3s, Napster has allowed you to find almost any song within seconds which is FAST compared to the old days where everyone had their top 5 mp3 sites (, It kinda get you mad when people can so easily get hundred of megs of mp3s so fast where you actuactly had to do work. People who shouldnt even know what MP3s are know about them. I hear people at school talking about what mp3 they downloaded off of Napster nad how their gonna make a CD one they get enough mp3s. Its like why are they in our territory? Some may say its because the underground is winning, and becoming mainstream. Napster is going to be shut down as a result of this, so then what will those people do? Start at our favorite mp3 sites which dont have any mp3s because no one has bothered to upload them because thier all using napster? Then the sites will be taken down, next resort, FTP? Searching for passwords, slow download speeds... We dont want that, our underground community isnt so underground anymore, or are we just getting unwanted members?