Title: Overcrowded Underground
By: Mike Finders

I have noticed how easy it is to find MP3s, Napster has allowed you to find almost any song within seconds which is FAST compared to the old days where everyone had their top 5 mp3 sites (allmp3.com, audiogalaxy.com...)... It kinda get you mad when people can so easily get hundred of megs of mp3s so fast where you actuactly had to do work. People who shouldnt even know what MP3s are know about them. I hear people at school talking about what mp3 they downloaded off of Napster and how their gonna make a CD once they get enough mp3s. Its like why are they in our territory? Some may say its because the underground is winning, and becoming mainstream. Napster is going to be shut down as a result of this, so then what will those people do? Start at our favorite mp3 sites which dont have any mp3s because no one has bothered to upload them because thier all using napster? Then the sites will be taken down, next resort, FTP? Searching for passwords, slow download speeds... We dont want that, our underground community isnt so underground anymore, or are we just getting unwanted members?


Title: Public Education Systems
By: Brian Forster

First of all, I think we can all agree public shool authorities suck... I mean they get to do anything they want while us students sit back and hate the ride. I once had a bus driver, Never wore a seatbelt, called us names, yelled at us, did everything wrong a busdriver could do wrong... we told authorities and they "put it on his record" so i decide to take matters into my own hands and flick him off when he dropped me off at my house, so what happens i get in trouble.. NOW WHAT DOES THE SHCOOL HAVE TO DO WITH WHAT I DO AT MY HOUSE? and guess what... i got thrown off the bus for 5 FIVE days! And lemme tell u bout this teacher me and mike had.. At the end of the year he says "No We wont be having finals" next day "Ok Kids Take out a piece of paper" "Time for your finals" so he decides not to count it against us becouse "he didnt warn us" me and mike came up to the conclusion that he didnt teach us everything.. HAHA. Now what does all this conclude... Public Schools SUCK, well at least marylands! We shouldnt have crackheads like these working at our schools!


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