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For The Diablo 2 Fans, Me and Mike Imbued Wirts Leg LOL!



And This Was Mikes Armor That Crashed the Game!


"Meanwhile, anti-piracy sledgehammers Metallica keep the Napster usernames rolling in, supplying a second list of 332, 293 traders that the band wishes to see blocked from the service. But in the week following a Lars Ulrich press conference, Napster's traffic rose by an astonishing 65 percent, with an estimated 400,000 potential new users visiting the site. Figures such as those suggest that Metallica are providing some fantastic free advertising for the MP3-swapping software; what's more, it seems that budding young copyright infringers are jumping aboard the Napster bandwagon quicker than Lars and co. can get them ejected."

Found This at and they found it at


The Following Are Just Some Hilarious Pictures/Cartoons

all images below this line were gotten from bryan pratt...


This Is A Hilairous Program Made By Mike Finders


Hint: if you look the slopes of the 2 are not the same therefore the triangles are not the same...

The final funny thing... A FUNNY flash video... This is a must see!





Enjoy the "Funny Stuff"

-Mike Finders


Last Updated: Wed. 3/21/01