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Diablo 2 Character Login Bug FAQ

Please note this is unofficial and all this is Mike Finders assumptions of the issue.

How it started:

     Somebody decides to create a new character, having played on the Realms before, lets say this person decides to create a sorceress, the person creates the sorceress, logs in joins a game. The person then realizes its a nightmare game, the sorceress is level 35 and has Silks, Shard, SOJ, and other things and basically says DUDE! The person has a friend come in and help him mule his new items... He then realizes the character isn't on his character list then tries it again and realizes the result...

Why Only Ladder People:

     Its not only ladder people, anyone with your character name and the realm in which you played could do it before blizzard fixed it (I am almost positive they fixed it because the did an Emergency Update and you can join games as a character in which is not your own anymore). People on the ladders (normal AKA softcore by us hardcore  players and Hardcore) were targeted because everyone wants to be on the ladder, their character names are easily found (just click the ladder button) and THEY HAVE ITEMS!

Why Was It Possible:

     The most likely reason this bug was possible is NOT BECAUSE OF "HACKER(S)", (thats why I refer to it as a bug, glitch, exploit or hole) but because of a recent programming mistake in the 1.04(b) patch which was released not more than 2 weeks ago. It has become more apparent because somebody told people how to do it. All you needed to do was basically create a new character the same name as an already existing one and go into a game with it, you are the character! Just do what ever with him.

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